👾 Online Games + 📽 Video Chat
to bring teams closer together 🤝

  • Multiplayer games in your private metaverse
  • Video chat embedded to foster naturel communication
  • Nothing to download
Bring your whole team together everyday 👊
...not every semester 🤷

teams go hybrid. team building too!

  • Relevant for every moment: daily breaks, weekly activities or quarterly team buildings. 
  • Start a session in seconds
  • No matter where your team is, let it enjoy your culture. 
Foster serendipitous conversations 💬

Oasis is your break room, online.

  • Games happen in an interactive 2D metaverse. 
  • Video, audio & text chats embedded.
  • Play or watch others.
Stay in control 🤙

Get ready in minutes

  • Quick games or longer sessions
  • Nothing to download
  • Bring variety to your activities
Foster informal communication
Oasis.ooo features

Interaction reinvented

  • 0-clic video calls: just get close to someone to talk to them!
  • A home for all kinds of conversations: 1-on-1 networking, small teams, larger teams, conferences, private booths, etc.
Oasis.ooo engaging virtual spaces

Engaging 2D virtual spaces

  • 100% customisable to make you feel at home: change the layout, add links, embed websites, build rooms, personalise your character, etc.
  • Gamify your Oasis: create your own rewards to craft the most engaging experience
Oasis.ooo heatmap
Coming Soon

Control Center

  • Create & promote events: Super quick setup & personalisation, easily manage invitations & guests
  • Host: plenty of features to help organise your gathering just the way you want it
  • Collect results: in-depth reporting with heatmaps, dashboards & more
Oasis.ooo hybrid events
Coming Soon

Hybrid Event

  • Inclusive hybrid events: bring remote AND in-person guests into an Oasis to provide a cohesive experience for both IRL & online participants
  • Digital clones: increase your physical experience’s reach by extending your venue with Oasis

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